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Billy explains a mishap.

Not all is seen.

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Billy explains a mishap.

Not all is seen.

Annie learns about currents.

Safety planning.

Billy explains a consequence to his mate.

Unintended consequence.

The Masked Comic

In today's world, many climate, regeneration and reporting issues affect doing business. These are serious matters that deserve attention and consideration. But who says we can't find a light-hearted angle amidst the complexity?

"The Masked Comic" was born out of a desire to break down the stern facade of business topics, making them more relatable, engaging, and, yes, even amusing. Our custom comics are crafted with care and insight, poking gentle fun at challenges navigating the complex landscape of business environmental, social or governance concerns.

Why do we exist? Because every severe issue needs a touch of humour. Our comics are tongue-in-cheek for you to entertain, enlighten, and provoke thought, turning complex jargon into approachable narratives for your audience. Our comics provide a fresh and entertaining perspective.

Join us in exploring the lighter side of climate change, regeneration, innovation, ESG or WHS. Laugh, learn, and let's make sense of these significant issues together, one comic at a time.

You can buy the comic blank and add your own words to your presentation, too!

Explore our collection now, and remember to smile - it's all part of the business journey!


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