Your mark with style

DO2C Fountain Pen

A DO2C Fountain Pen

The smoothest pen to write with is a fountain pen. Do2c helps all principled to make their mark. When you create each stroke of your words with purpose, clarity and confidence, a Do2c fountain pen reinforces your style, commitment and voice, describing itself on your paper.

Fountain pens require a small amount of maintenance, such as soaking or flushing the nib, to keep the instrument operating at its finest.

A DO2C fountain pen embodies quality over efficiency, patience over haste and style over the brittleness of affordable writing instruments.

The pen is weighty yet balances perfectly to hand. Gravity and capillary action feed a smooth nib. With a metal body, experience the satisfying click as you cap the pen.

Stand out from the crowd and enjoy fine lines.
As the world changes, so do your needs – meet them with the DO2C fountain pen to not only succeed but achieve.

Your price is $29.95 plus $10 postage. (Different coloured ink? Buy 3 for free postage)