Do2c linked simply and easily every branch in the project.

Shannon S

Debra was utilised by the business to lead forensic investigations and to identify where business controls had broken down, or alternatively she identified where the governance structure could be improved. She was particularly effective at working through large volumes of transactional data and to identify root cause issues within that voluminous data; and able to recommend process and or system improvements. It was extremely comforting to have someone of her experience able to be mobilised to lead controls reviews. She showed great tenacity when working through issues and was always able to get to the bottom of issues.

Tony Joyce

My company was moving very quickly into the technical age, as we needed it to compete and be successful. Debra was employed to assist and drive this process. Her knowledge, skills and foresight in this area were invaluable in moving our company forward and being a major player in our field.

Neil Inglis



"..to identify root cause issues within that voluminous data..."

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