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DO2C builds support so that you can tell the outcome

Do to see (DO2C) is the brainchild of Debra Rose, a CPA business systems professional with over 25 years business experience.Her extensive system and reporting experiences provided this straight-forward solution to support you.

Debra is widely acknowledged for her ability to quickly get organisations with divergent interests (end users, technologists, financiers, committee members, business managers and executives) communicating. She creates evidence based clarity that organises, focuses and works collectively to solve complex business problems. 
Debra loves technology and gets a big kick out of helping companies use technology wisely to create a competitive edge and be ready for the unexpected, whatever that may be.

Debra recognised the need for a no fuss, simple to use, decision support method. Hence DO2C was born to support and resolve those "freeze frame incidents and moments" .

When Debra was asked why did she do it? "I created do to see to simplify supporting evidence assembly. DO2C was tested on rules by modern and ancient communities. Categorising support into the underlying driver is simplified with DO2C."

In 2014 DO2C became an “Australian Awarded Innovation Patent”

Debra has been recognised by national professional bodies for her expertise and, she has presented widely on her risk management insights and fraud behaviours.
To learn more, email us at sales@do2c.com.au 


"..to identify root cause issues within that voluminous data..."

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